11 Free Beat Making Softwares

Some of the best things in life are free.

The following programs are free and they will satisfy your itch if you need a audio production software and don't have the money to spend.

Not all music making programs are created equal, but the price is right.

ACID Xpress - This is lite version of the popular ACID production software. You can record. You can edit. You can mix. This is primarily a loop or sampled based software. It's tempo detection and pitch detection make it a great tool for any beat maker or audio production student.

LMMS - Called the FL Clone for Linux. It look ssimilar to FL but's not compatible. If you are one of those brave Linux users, you can do audio production with this free beat maker program.

Quotile - A cool little music production program that many find odd yet inspiring.

Koblo - Open Source. It has features to let you collab with other users online. A very unique feature for a music making program.

Kristal - An older and not recently updated contender with a lot of features.

Music Studio Independence - A great looking beast of a program. It does audio as well as MIDI and Helps you in all aspects of audio production.

MultitrackStudio - Another audio and MIDI recording program. It can do multitrack recording and has a lot of built in effects.

MU.LAB - Works on both PC and MAC. It's claim is that it makes your computer a real music studio. Sounds like a good one.

Quick Audio - Audio editor software. Lets you change edit, play and record. Supports VST plug-ins.

Wavosaur Another audio editor program. You can make MP3 files with this and it supports VST plug-ins, ASIO drivers. The batch converting functions are a great plus.

Audacity - Yet another audio editor. This open source audio editor program is probably the most popular of the bunch. It won't do MIDI, but it runs on Linux, Mac and PC. A tool for every beat maker.