Software for Making Rap Beats

In the early days of hip hop, your choices were limited. A few turntables, a sampler, a drum machine and a 4-track recorder was all a beat maker had access to. A real beat maker will find a way to make beats no matter what resources are available.

Now you can get all that in more in a single music production software that will run on your computer. Beat makers today have more power at their fingertips than a roomful of computers back in the day.

There are many varieties of audio production software for beat making. This music software is often known as a "DAW" or Digital Audio Workstation.

When making beats, all audio software is not created equal. There are music making programs that have advantages over others in different areas of beat making. My advice is to try a few of them out and see what works best for you.

Let's compare some prices of popular software used to make rap beats (retail prices as of this writing):

My own DAW of choice for making beats is FL Studio Producer. The main reason why I like this audio production software, is because it's one of the most affordable packages available for beat making software and you get free updates for life when purchased online. Many commercial rap artists have flowed over beats made using FL Studio.

You can download the FL Studio demo for free. You can try out all the features but cannot save your projects. You can export the project to an MP3 file. This means that you can make rap beats all day for free using the FL Studio demo and even create tracks you can sell.

Did you know Soulja Boy used FL Studio to make his platinum selling "Superman"? A $200 investment turned into millions.

I do recommend you invest in a full registered version of FL Studio Producer if you are serious about bet making. It has the ability to save and edit your rap beats for later and is something you will want very soon after you make a few hot rap beats.

If you decide to FL Studio Producer, do yourself a favor and save 10% and get lifetime updates free by using this special FL Studio discount link.

Another option for beginners is to make your beats online using a system like Sonic Producer. This is a good and inexpensive way to get started and when you are ready to grow to a full fledged DAW, you will have a head start on how to arrange your rap beats. Beat making in today's world has neve been easier!